881L-GS Imaging Sonar


DT101 Multibeam Echo Sounder


DT100 SIR (Sensor Interface Relay)

837B 4000 m -102

837B Delta T 4000 m Profiling


878 Sidescan Sonar


RGB Sidescan Sonar


837A 6000 m 120 x 20

DT100 Multibeam Echo Sounder


853 Echo Sounder with Data Logger

  Imagenex Technology Corp. manufactures a wide variety of sonar equipment with one purpose in mind:  to provide the sharpest images to your computer screen.  Each system in this growing product line integrates the latest in sub-miniature electronics into industry proven, robust underwater housings for a total package that is small, rugged, and will provide  years of maintenance-free use.

  Ease of use is an integral part of the Imagenex design philosophy of sharp images.  Each sonar system is designed to maximize imaging time, and minimize setup time.  The  custom software available to operate most Imagenex sonar systems has been refined into a package that is user friendly, yet complete with various options for sonar control, data display and recording.  All Imagenex  software operates on Microsoft Windows™ PC or laptop.

  Each Imagenex sonar system is hand built, individually burned in and ocean tested before shipment.  This Quality Assurance program provides even  more value to our entire product line.  The Quality Assurance continues with a standard one year warranty and free telephone technical support.

  Scientific, technical, and industrial work in the underwater environment is often challenging, requiring dynamic and creative product solutions.  If something in the following web pages sparks an integration or application idea, feel free to call us at the contact number  listed below.

Want to know more about sonars?  Download Basic Sonar Theory
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