The new SportScan sidescan sonar system is a truly remarkable breakthrough in price/performance for sidescan towfishes.  This totally digital, full-featured system is complete and ready for connection to a host PC computer (including software), all for 1/10th the cost of other sidescan sonars!  Like the other digital sonar systems from Imagenex, the SportScan can be completely controlled from your laptop computer:  ranges can be changed, gains set, images and data can be sent to your printer or stored on hard disk, all with the click of a mouse  button.

  The SportScan is designed from top to bottom for ease of deployment and use.  A highly advanced Kevlar™ reinforced towfish cable (included with the standard unit) is light enough to eliminate the need for a winch.  The towfish operates from a standard 12 Volt DC power supply or boat's battery, and the RS-232 connector plugs directly from the Kevlar™ towfish cable into the back of a PC computer or  laptop.  Simply load the towfish body with as much ballast weight as desired, lower the towfish over the side of the boat by hand, and start towing.  Beautifully sharp, high definition images of the sea-floor immediately roll onto the computer screen!  Coral reefs, rock outcroppings, and submerged shipwrecks show up clearly as the towfish goes by.

  If mapping of underwater features is desired, the SportScan  software can read GPS (Global Positioning System) data fed into the PC computer, display it on the screen, and use the speed over ground to adjust the aspect ratio of the sonar image.  Objects can have their height  and length determined with the click of a mouse.  All data can also be stored to hard disk for later display and analysis.  The accuracy and resolution of the SportScan combined with GPS makes returning to underwater features of interest easy.  For further data processing and map making, optional software is available to convert SportScan data to XTF format, which is compatible with most mosaicking programs.

  The reason that SportScan sidescan sonars are smaller, lighter, and less expensive than others is the miniaturized electronics and molded polyurethane nose and tailfin housing.  The SportScan has a uniquely simple and elegant design that incorporates the transducers into the tail fins and all the electronics into the tail assembly!  This limits the depth rating of the SportScan to 30 meters (rather than 1000 m - 3000 m for standard Imagenex sonar products).  This depth is adequate to do sidescan imaging in 60 m to 80 m deep water, which includes most of the world's inland waters and inner continental shelves.

  Because the  SportScan can be deployed from the smallest of vessels, you can now sidescan previously inaccessible locations quickly, easily, and inexpensively. So expand your horizons with the new SportScan sidescan sonar  towfish from Imagenex Technology Corp.

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